...here are four fREE stories for all those who run round in circles in search of themselves...
...for all those who run away to Greece and find themselves there...
...for all those who, like myself, awoke in Greece and found a beautiful day...
...and for all those who need a little Greekness in between unpacking their bags and buying their next ticket...

***  stories for you ***


I have been visiting Greece every year for half my adult life filling dog-eared note books with fragments and snatches of life and gossip to keep me going through the colder months when I'm home again in Cornwall.

During the first winter in our old cottage, after a year of no travelling, I began writing a story, Pani's Island, about a young library assistant, Godfrey Ash, who arrives in Greece for the funeral of his uncle only for him to become entangled in local superstition and antiquity theft. I began with no idea as to how the story would unfold but, as in life, it began writing itself and grew into a love story between the young man and the country of his uncle.

Zorbus to the Sun is a true, contemporary story telling of the journey taken by Ben and Kevin, two good friends who, disillusioned with the humdrum existence of their everyday working lives, decide to cut all ties, take a year off without plans or expectations and go travelling in Europe.

They set off in Ben's campervan simply aiming south through France into Italy and across to Greece, enjoying the simple life, accepting each moment and just dealing with it, good or bad, whatever comes along and inevitably they arrive in Crete, Ben's spiritual home. Throughout their journeying they meet a diversity of people, of opinions, beliefs and feelings and begin to see a different sense of reality, one based on freedom of thought and choice but, as is well known, freedom and choice can be daunting. And like most friends who become travelling companions, their friendship suffers unbearable strain and soon arrives at breaking point.

I think the memories just grew naturally, as do those feelings we Grecophiles feel whenever we open the door to Greece.

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 The Garden is a frame of mind, a natural environment that is healthy, reassuring, peaceful and free from man-made ideologies.

Disenchanted with city life, international celebrity Fly, returns to the island of his birth to find stability of mind in a natural environment.

Eventually, he is traced by his manager, a man determined to involve Fly in a cunning scheme that would convert that peaceful haven into a leisure complex for the mega rich, a development that would turn the gentle island into a glittering millionaire's bauble.

 Yet threats to their lifestyle, in any form, could never force them to bow before Mammon.

This island community is resiliant and agile.



 Pani's Island is a story to amuse and bemuse you time after time, whether at home, on holiday or just searching for that special feeling of grecofilia. Either way, I promise your heart will smile.




  ...the tale of a lonely man who falls in love with a country and thereby finds himself... 


Godfrey Ash is a most reluctant traveller. One who thinks has all he needs at home in Cornwall. A sober, well-respected library assistant with predictable daily routine but a deep fear of the unfamiliar. Then one day his aunt phones from her remote Greek island with the tragic news that his uncle has died of sudden heart-attack and begs Godfrey to be at the funeral to support her. Godfrey panics.

 "In this tale anti-hero Godfrey arrives on Greek shores in the role of a modern day Odysseus. Appointed by fate, can he (as Odysseus before him) protect the heritage of a desperate people whilst the odds seem against them? Tony's tale weaves greed, lust, mythology and crime, together with family values, honour, music and a love and eye for all that is Greek. Throw in a Cruella de Ville-type ex-partner, a backdrop of blue Aegean sky, a shared secret, ancient relics and help from the goddess Athena and watch a story that starts off at a 'siga siga' pace develop into a warp-speed crescendo as every good Greek drama should. In his first novel Tony Brown proves as ever to be a great observer of Greek life without reverting to caricature."

~ SKLesvos 'The Greek-o-File review Vol 6'



                           Zorbus to the Sun




 Zorbus to the Sun - as we went driving from Cornwall to Crete

        'We were all a little frazzled after another long summer nannying customers and late night drinkers - and for what? Once autumn arrived for those of us still with catering jobs, our future lay somewhere along a darkening narrow road of dim, damp harbour nights stretching into the distant future towards a dismal horizon of few customers. I don't know why, but since my very first job, and including my time in a pop group, once March nudged April, there was this nagging need for change and the niggle of curiosity.

    Kevin had fallen absolutely still, then he tapped my arm and dropped his voice. He whispered something that rang like a bell in a desert. 'Hey, do you fancy taking a year off and going travelling in Europe?' Now, Kevin was known for hair-brained schemes but this time one look told me he was serious and in that instant I knew. No further discussion was needed; there were no pros or cons to be weighed.
    "If all else fails at least we'll have a few laughs ...."
    "Or a few fights."
    "Well, we're both so bluddy volatile what would you expect?"
    "How can you be volatile? You're always half asleep."
    "Might even get some sun."
    "Yeah. OK. Good idea."
    "How about next May 1st?"
    I sipped the ambrosian brew. "Mmm, six months to get organised. OK by me."
    "Right then."
We clinked glasses and grinned.
    "Right then. Let's cut the rope."'




 The Way of Ben




 The true adventures of Ben Jones take us through Greece and Hungary enriching the reader with surprising encounters, learning, humour, observations, philosophy and fantasy. This story is based on actual details from travel notebooks made from self-discovery brought about through curiosity for for foreign places, its peoples and of new friendships made along the way. Travel is not always physical. There are times when the mind does the traveling, as you will see.


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Hi Tony ~ Just loving Zorbus to the Sun and in case you wondered where I am I've just reached Agia Galini.  Your story has bought back so many memories - the joy of arriving in Greece, the smells, the flavours, the people.  I am there.  Thank you. ~ Janet (Ellis), Norfolk


 Hi Tony, I have 'turned the final page'.  I am back and as it was for you it was for us - leaving always evoked such emotions, you have captured them totally and completely.  A truly personal recollection of your experiences, both physical and profound.  Thank you for sharing them. Take care ~ Janet.