...on why he is proud to be Greek...



...Tsikoudia? Of course, of course! My favourite drink...

...Now, you ask me why I am proud to be Greek? Mmm...please, sit down...this won't take a moment...
...let's see...well first, it's because we buy whole watermelons and not in slices...

2) Because we buy whole lambs and not in pieces

3) Because nights in Greece finish in the morning

4) Because we take our coffee slowly, while smoking and not in "shots"

5) Because flirting is our national hobby

6) Because we have a small, poor country full of people with big hearts

7) Because we always moan about the public sector yet everyone seeks to get a job in it

8) Because we are not puritans

9) Because we are not racists

10) Because we cheat openly, without trying to hide it

11) Because we go out almost every night even if we are penniless

12) Because we know how to spend better than we know how to save

13) Because we never visit others empty handed

14) Because there is no way to explain to foreigners what is "kapsoura" (burning desire for someone)

15) Because in Greece family is still something valuable

16) Because God did not choose us as His favourite people, but we chose God

17) Because we always make it, albeit in the last moment

18) Because we were slaves for 400 years yet never bring that up as an excuse for our current state

19) Because for the sake of a woman we made war for 10 years (Helen)

20) Because we are everywhere around the planet

21) Because we love and hate with passion

22) Because "filotimo" (friend of honour, helping someone because it is a shame not to) does not exist in any other language

23) Because whenever foreigners cannot find a word, they use one of ours

24) Because we spend our bad and low times with our friends and family, not with shrinks

25) Because Socrates, Plato and Aristotle were Greek

26) Because we invented theatre

27) Because we gave birth to Democracy

28) Because we discovered logic

29) Because we jump-started science

30) Because we are proud of our culture, not of our wars

31) Because when others were discovering meat, we already had cholesterol

32) Because when we were building the Parthenon, the others were still sleeping on trees

33) Because we give the light to all these leaders who are "striving" for peace by making wars

34) Because we wear sandals without socks

35) Because Tsikoudia from Crete is the strongest drink in Europe (85% alcohol)

36) Because we have a distinction between Eros (falling in love) and Agapi (innocent love), while we feel both of them passionately

37) Because Eros was a Greek God...

...one minute sir, I need to pee, signomi...
...that's better...ok...
38) Because we gave the oath "freedom or death"

39) Because when others used to be clothed with wolf skin we were weaving see-through linen

40) Because "Greeks do not fight as heroes, heroes fight like Greeks" (Winston Churchill, 1941)

41) Because we don't use ketchup with our food - it tastes good anyway

42) Because we gave our ancient alphabet to the Romans and our medieval alphabet to the Slavs

43) Because we converted all of Eastern Europe into Christians

44) Because we get angry quickly but we forget all about it even quicker

45) Because we are not ashamed to cry

46) Because we dance when we are sad

47) Because we work to live and we do not live to work

48) Because 97% of the stars' in the sky are named in Greek

49) Because although we know danger well, we dare

50) Because when you shout "brother" in the streets everyone turns around

51) Because we always talk about getting on a diet after we've had a meal

52) Because we speak loudly and laugh even louder

53) Because we do not know what anxiety is

54) Because, although we smoke more than anyone in the world and eat the most red meat in Europe we live the longest in Europe

55) Because we are start with "just a coffee" in the early afternoon and end up wired off our heads in the morning

one minute...need to pee again, signomi...

...OK, nearly finished...

56) Because we walk in the streets at 2:00 in the morning and there are traffic jams

57) Because we walk in the streets at 4:00 in the morning and there are traffic jams

58) Because girls are not scared to walk alone in the streets at 2:00 or 4:00 o'clock in the morning

59) Because the inside of all our churches are not dark, but full of light

60) Because we are direct

61) Because we know how to cheat...

well sir, I think that's all for now...although...

62) Because we never report people who cheat

63) Because we always have a solution to problems, even if usually indirect or illegal

64) Because we have tendencies to extremity

65) Because our parents do not forget that we exist when we reach 18

66) Because when we want to sunbathe, we go to the beach, we don't crawl on grass or jump into pools

67) Because we confront every difficulty with humour

68) Because the Olympic games were born here

69) Because, with our (Olympic) light, we unite the world and pass the message of peace

70) Because we live permanently in the country that foreigners dream to visit for a week

71) Because our sky is blue, not grey

72) Because we have the cleanest seas on the planet

73) Because 40% of Oxford dictionary is made up with Greek words

74) Because we are a poor country with very rich citizens

75) Because we know what "Kefi" (propensity to fun) means

76) Because we like to spend money and eat fish while they are still fresh

77) Because Homer wrote Iliad 3500 years ago and Hollywood turned it into a movie just recently

78) Because in Greece nobody is hungry

79) Because in Greece nobody is homeless

80) Because we speak foreign languages - who learns Greek?

81) Because we grow hallucinogenic weed without biological engineering!!

82) Because our "model for life" has many curves

83) Because we are European Champions in


...OK, Kritikos...we get the picture...that's enough...they've all switched off...
...come on, my friend, take my arm...and don't forget your stick...

...siga, siga...hey! Antonákis! Where's my goat?...





Sandy with Kritikos - he's on the left...er...I mean the right!


originally posted on the incomparable, www.hellenism.net



Nikos and Lefteris, Pigadia Town, Karpathos.

from a painting by Tony Brown  


  yeia sas ~ kalo taxidi







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